Expert Courses

  • Mobile Repairing Course

    1. >Tablet PC Assembling and dissembling.
    2. >Installation of application software on Tablet PC.
    3. >Function and block diagram of Tablet PC.
    4. >Adapter.
    5. >Battery.
    6. >Inverter Section and CCFL.
    7. >Hard disk.
    8. >RAM and ROM.
    9. >Touchpad.
    10. >Tablet PC motherboard.
    11. > Different section detail.
    12. >ICs detail and function.
    13. >Different connectors and sockets.
    14. >Fault finding procedure of Tablet PC.
    15. >Use of Debug card post error code.
    16. >Common problem of different motherboards.
    17. >Fault finding using analog and digital multi- meter.
    18. >Fault finding using Oscilloscope (CRO).
    19. >Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine).
    20. >iCs re-bolling by BGA machine.
    21. >BIOS update and password.
    22. >Different password removing methods and steps.
    23. >DATA sheets of different ICs etc.

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